Panasonic Toughbook CF-25

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Central processing unit (CPU)

Intel Pentium processor[1]; clock rates vary between different marks

Random access memory (RAM)

8MB (maximum 40MB)[1]

Hard disk drive (HDD)


Operating system (OS)

Microsoft Windows 95[1]

Optical disk drive (ODD)


Graphics controller

Chips & Technologies[2] (Marks 1&2) or NeoMagic MagicGraph 128ZV (Mark 3)


10.4" TFT Color / 800x600 pixels[1]

Wireless capabilities

none; predates wireless technologies


Windows 95 Keyboard (for U.S.A.: 87 keys, for U.K.: 89 keys)[1]


Battery pack: Ni-MH (Nickel Metal Hybride) rechargable battery pack, 9.6V, 3200 mAh
Clock battery: Coin type lithium battery, 3.0V; operating time: approximately 10 years[1]



The Panasonic Toughbook CF-25 is a fully rugged laptop manufactured by Panasonic. It is the first fully rugged laptop made by Panasonic.[3] It was originally released in October 1996[3], and sold in Japan under the name Panasonic Pronote FG CF-25.

It has been designed to resist dust and humidity, and in addition to that, it's capable of surviving falls from heights of up to 70 centimeters.[4]

The CF-25 was succeeded by CF-27 in October 1998.

Mark/Generation differences[edit]

CF-25 C G 8 2 A A M
Model CPU type
C: Intel® Pentium 100MHz (Mark 1)
D: Intel® Pentium 120MHz (Mark 2)
E: Intel® Pentium 133MHz (Mark 1 or Mark 2)
F: Intel® Pentium 150MHz (Mark 2)
L: Intel® Pentium MMX 166MHz (Mark 3)
LCD type
G: 10.4" TFT Color / 800x600 pixels
J: 12.1"
V: 12.1" Active Matrix STN
X: 12.1"
HDD type
8: 840MB
C: 1.35GB (Mark 1) / 1.44GB (Mark 2)
F: 2.1GB
RAM size
2: 8MB (expandable to 40MB)
4: 16MB (expandable to 48MB)
Operating system
A: Microsoft Windows 95
E: United Kingdom
F: France
G: Germany
M: USA & Canada (=North America)
P: Spain
S: Sweden
T: Italy


The topmost of the CF-25's three PCMCIA slots has issues with interrupt request (IRQ) assignments.[5][6]

The CF-25 BIOS does not like CardBus cards nor 3.3 volt PCMCIA WiFi cards.[5]

The CF-25 does not support modern WiFi security technologies[5], such as Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2).


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