Panasonic Password Skipping Plug

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The Panasonic Password Skipping Plug is an electrical connector that allows to bypass the BIOS password on certain Panasonic Toughbook computers. It requires a PS/2 connector (a port for an "old-school" keyboard or mouse) and a parallel port ("old-school" printer port).

From the service manual of Panasonic Toughbook CF-72 (Mark 1):

When "Enter password" is displayed, use "Password Skipping Plug" in order to skip the user password.

1) Connect the parallel plug to the parallel port.
2) Connect the PS/2 mouse plug to the mouse port.
3) Power on the computer.

The wiring of the parallel plug is described below.
Connect pins 2-5-6-8-11-13-15-18-19-20-21-22-23 to Shield GND (PS/2 mouse plug pin 3.)
Connect pins 3-4-7-9-10-12 to VC5 (PS/2 mouse plug pin 4) with 4.7KW each.

The Password Skipping Plug can be used for the CF-27[1], CF-29 (Mark 5)[2], CF-30[3] and CF-72 (Mark 1)[4] at least.


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